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The shear size of an Alaskan Bull Moose will impress even the most seasoned hunters.  Even more impressive are the numbers of Moose roaming this great state.  Now take into consideration that the hunting areas I have access to produce some of the largest Moose in Alaska and you have a recipe for a hunting experience that cannot be reproduced, (until you come back next year).  The hunting areas range from public to exclusive private land lease.  Alaska Wilderness specializes in trophy Moose hunts.  We take trophies every year and even have taken 100% trophies since 2011.  If you are interested pursuing one of the largest animals in North America in some of the most memorable scenic locations, then Alaska Wilderness Outfitters is ready when you are.

Available Hunting Dates

Moose hunts are booked from September 5th - 14th and  September 16th - 25th. Moose hunts are in Unit 21 with 2 different costs. The cost for a guided hunt on public land is 16,500.  On the private land lease, the cost is 19,500. It is possible to get all five species on one of these Moose hunts.  Available are  Interior Grizzly with a $6,500 trophy fee, Black Bear with a $2,500 trophy fee, Caribou with a $4,500 trophy fee, and wolf with no additional trophy fee.

Special arrangements are available for 5 species, 14-day hunt including Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, and Wolf.

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