AK Wilderness Outfitters Caribou Hunts

Caribou hunting is very popular among the residents of Alaska due to a number of large herds throughout the state.  Most non-resident hunters are usually after the bigger more elusive game, the Brown/ Grizzly bear and Moose.  For this reason, Alaska Wilderness Outfitters doesn't offer independent hunts for Caribou alone, (though we will make an exception if a hunting party is large enough to warrant a separate hunt).  On most of our hunts, we offer the chance to hunt Caribou if the possible.  We provide this additional hunt to our interested guests as well as Black bear and Wolf.  Tags and fees are additional.

Available Hunting Dates

Caribou hunts are available with most Brown/Grizzly bear and Moose Hunts depending on the time of year. During August and September, the hunts take place in Unit 21 with an additional cost of $4,500 trophy fee.

 You can book an individual Caribou hunt with a Group of 4, 2 guests per guide in Unit 21 at the cost of  $8,000 per guest. Contact us for details.

Special arrangements are available for 5 species, 14-day hunt including Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, and Wolf.

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