AK Wilderness Outfitters Brown Bear-Grizzly Hunts

This may be the most exhilarating and challenging hunt you'll ever experience.  Both the Alaska Brown Bear and Alaska Grizzly Bears have keen senses.  Their excellent sense of smell can lead to them avoiding areas with human scent. Beyond their keen sense of smell, they also have better hearing and eyesight than that of a human. This makes for one of the best big game animals you can ever hunt.  The challenge is real, and it is exciting.  The knowledge and experience I bring to my big game guided services will close the gap between man and beast.   Alaska has an unprecedented percent population of Brown Bears and Grizzly Bears.  If your goal (and it should be) is to increase your odds of being able to take a trophy Brown Bear or Grizzly Bear, then Ak Wilderness Outfitters is the choice to make.

Available Hunting Dates

Brown and Black Bear hunts are booked for 7 days of hunting between May 1st, and June 30th hunted over bait.  These hunts are in Unit 16 at the cost of $13,500 which includes one brown and black. You can take an additional black with a trophy fee of $2,500,  and additional brown with a trophy fee of $4,500.

Interior Grizzly Bear hunts are booked from August 10th - 19th and  August 21st - 30th.  These hunts take place in Unit 21 at the cost of $16,500 for a solo Grizzly and $19,500 for a combo hunt (includes Grizzly and Caribou)

Interior Grizzly Bear snowmachine hunts are booked in March. (Primarily March depending on the weather.) These hunts occur in either Unit 21 or 16 depending on the time of the month. This is based on winter conditions. The cost for this hunt is $16,500.

Peninsula Bear hunts are booked from October 1st - 10th and October 11th - 21st on odd years. This hunt is conducted in Unit 9 which has the larger, record book bears at the cost of  $24,500.

Peninsula Bear hunts are booked from May 5th - 14th and May 15th - 25th on even years.  This hunt takes place in Unit 9 which has the larger, record book bears at the cost of $24,500.

Special arrangements are available for 5 species, 14-day hunt including Moose, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, and Wolf.

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